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icontrol Piper NV Alarm and Security System

300,25 €
Piper-NV is an all-in-one home security and automation center with night vision function.In a compact housing, Piper combines a HD capable IP camera, a temperature sensor, a light sensor, a siren, speech input and speech output, a motion detector and functions of a Z-Wave gateway as well. The integration of all these functions plus the easy setup makes the device an ideal starting point into smart home automation. Primarily, this multi-functional device is an alarm and security system, but thanks to Z-Wave technology, additional functions for intelligent light and device control are available, too.Features:HD Night Vision Panoramic camera (1080p, Zoom, Pan and Tilt).3 security modes (home, away and vacation)Motion sensor105 dBm sirenTwo-way audio: Talk directly to occupants through Piper through its app on your mobile device.Environmental sensors: temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound. Customized alerts: phone call, text message, email and push notificationsARM processor, battery backup, internal memory for video storageMulti-Piper functionality: Supports up to five different Pipers within one network Supported Z-Wave devices:Door- and Window Sensors (e.g. FIB_FGK101)Wall Plugs und Relay Switches (e.g. POP_123658) – No energy metering in the Piper AppDimmer (e.g. FIB_FGD-211)Motion Sensors (z.B. EVR_SP103)
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Hersteller Icontrol Networks
EAN 691531000593
Länge 85.0000
Tiefe 155.0000
Weite 56.0000
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