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Aeonlabs Minimote

56,33 €
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The Aeotec (Aeon Labs) Minimote remote control can control a variety of Z-Wave compatible devices such as switches, dimmers or window blinds. The device can include and exclude devices, group them and set and release associations. Minimote is designed clear and simple, but owns a lot of functions with its four action buttons. Behind a slider, there are four more dedicated buttons for Z-Wave network control (Inclusion, Exclusion, Association, Learning). The Aeotec Minimote is an ideal small and portable Z-Wave controller for users, who don’t want to operate either a sophisticated pc control or realize complex automation scenes.A non-replaceable but rechargeable battery powers the remote control. Recharging is done on a conventional USB bus using the charging cable provided.Features:4-button remote controlDedicated buttons for controller functions (Inclusion, Exclusion, Association, Learning)Compact housingSimple device control without Z-Wave gatewayPower Supply: Fixed battery (rechargeable via USB)Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Dimensions: 34 x 100 x 11 mm
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Marca Aeotec
EAN 1220000010253
Lunghezza 34.0000
Profondita 100.0000
Larghezza 11.0000
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