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Eurotronic Comet-Z- Thermostatic Radiator Valve

30,00 €
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Increase the comfort and save energy simultaneously. With the Comet-Z thermostat, radiators will become important modules of your home automation. Intelligent connected to various sensors and individual heating schedules, you will heat only when it’s needed and only to your defined comfortable temperature. Additionally, the heating process will be stopped automatically, as soon as a window will be opened. Or you can activate the heating from outside, if you are on the way home earlier than expected.The Comet-Z can be controlled via local adjusting wheel and – thanks to Z-Wave – by a smart home control center. Set the room temperature from your smartphone: It does not matter if you are on your couch or on the way. Of course, you can define scenes and heating schedules in your smart home gateway which regulate the temperature fully automatic time and sensor controlled.The installation does not require any tools and can be performed without any further knowledge in no time: Just take off the conventional thermostat and install the Comet-Z. No need to drain water. Adapters for most common valves are enclosed in the package (Danfoss RA, Danfoss RAV, Danfoss). Further adapters can be re-ordered.Features: Thermostat for water-based radiatorsAdjusting wheel for manual changes of the room temperatureLCD display (set temperature)Allows individual heating program for every dayQuiet operation„Open window“ detectionFrost protectionLimestone protectionEasy installationFits on most common valves (e.g. Heimeier, Danfoss, Honeywell Braukmann, Honeywell MNG, Oventrop since 1996, and others)
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