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Qubino Heat & Cool Thermostat

61,05 €
The Qubino Heat & Cool Thermostat is a Module for your Fan-Coil System.The Thermostat is able to control 2- and 4-pipe Fan-Coil Systems. The Thermostat module can be connected with your existing Fan-Coil System. Thanks to the very small size of the module it can be mounted almost everywhere like in a wallbox. Besides the thermostat measures the temperature through a digital sensor.The Thermostat from Qubino can be easily retrofitted. When the device is connected to your Fan-Coil System it can be switched with a wallswitch, binary sensor or over the Z-Wave technology. The thermostat can be connected with a Z-Wave gateway and then be time controlled or over a Smartphone. Besides the digital temperature sensor reports the temperature to the Z-Wave Gateway. Properties:Z-Wave PlusEU frequency: 868,42 MHzPackage content: 1x Heat & Cool Thermostat with temperature sensorPower supply: 110-230V ACOutput power: 2x4A 230V AC / 2x4A 30V DCHeating system: 2- and 4-pipe Fan Coil SystemDigital temperaturesensor: -50°C ~ 125°C; Length: 100cmStandby electricity consumption: 0,5 Watt The Qubino modules upgrade your common switches with Smart Home Z-Wave technology. Unmount your installed switches. Connect the Qubino module with your existing electrical installation. The mount the switch on the flush box again. Now you can connect your lamp, fan or heating with a Z-Wave gateway and automate them.
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EAN 3830062070140
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