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Vision Shock and Vibration Sensor

49,45 €
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This Z-Wave vibration sensor informs about vibrations and shock and can be used for detecting shock caused by a burglar when he smashes a window or breaks a door. It case of detected shock, the device’s LED starts blinking and it sends an alarm signal to the control center. The sensor has a manual calibration and adjustment element to adapt the sensitivity to the different applications. A tamper switch protects the device from removal or manipulation if used in security applications.The Z-Wave vibration sensor is a battery-operated device. It can be installed with screws or double-sided adhesive tape.Features:   Shock sensor detects and reports vibrations (e.g. smashed windows or broken doors)Signal LED Sensor sensitivity adjustable with setting wheelTamper protectionUp to 5 direct associated devicesPower Supply: Battery (1x CR123)Wireless Technology: Z-WaveDimensions: 42 x 75 x 26 mm
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Marca Vision Security
EAN 0019962005503
Lunghezza 42.0000
Profondita 75.0000
Larghezza 26.0000
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